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Erik Larson/Flickr

Love Locks: Tens of thousands of couples have expressed their love by attaching padlocks to the railings of the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris and tossing the keys into the Seine River below. But not all are pleased with this romantic tradition—some Parisians consider the locks an eyesore that ruin one of the most beautiful bridges in the city. In January, two Parisians launched the “No Love Locks” campaign, arguing that the sheer weight of all the padlocks was causing damage to not only the Pont des Arts bridge but the other historic bridges where the tradition has spread. [The New York Times]

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Check out ARCHITECT's forgotten history of the Martin Luther King Jr. Library.

Quote of the Day: “Then, perhaps the reason office satisfaction proves elusive is because we don’t understand our primal biology. Ours is the age of the "knowledge worker," in which people are paid to think. So what can we learn from the environments our brains evolved in—our original "workspaces"—the outdoors?” -Laura Smith of The Atlantic Cities on the evolution of the workplace

6 More Stories for Monday:

Preservation Dallas awarded its 15th annual Preservation Achievement Awards—but not without controversy, as noted by the city’s architecture critic, Mark Lamster.

The Phillips auction in London tomorrow will showcase furniture, drawings, buildings, models, lighting and equipment designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Shigeru Ban, Alvar Aalto, and other starchitects. [The Wall Street Journal]

Another Mies van der Rohe-designed townhouse is for sale in Detroit. [Curbed Detroit]

San Francisco’s tech boom is beneficial to the city’s historic preservation, as many firms are reinventing classic buildings. [San Francisco Chronicle]

New York architecture firm STPMJ’s Invisible Barn is made of two-by-fours covered in mylar, creating a trippy optical illusion. [Wired]

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, the owner of the Farnsworth House, is proposing three plans for protecting the house from flooding, including one proposal to add hydraulic jacks underneath the house. [Chicago Tribune]

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Photo used with permission via a Creative Commons license with Flickr user Erik Larson.