Living Architecture's Balancing Barn in Suffolk, designed by MVRDV and Mole Architects
Credit: Living Architecture

Living Architecture's Balancing Barn in Suffolk, designed by MVRDV and Mole Architects

Good morning, architects. As Hurricane Sandy continues its path beyond the East Coast and into the upper Midwest, residents left in the storm's wake begin to clean up and gather themselves. New York City has been devastated, and millions beyond have been left inconvenienced and without power, as you have surely read. ARCHITECT will report on how the storm affects architects and the commercial design sector.

TRUMPED. Donald Trump, who took to Twitter to proclaim himself "the best builder," has no sympathy for the developer of One57 behind the Atelier Christian de Portzamparc residential highrise. But The New York Observer's Matt Chaban talked to One57 developer Gary Barnett and wrote up a press briefing where New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg addressed the crane crisis and in neither story does Barnett come across as a villain. Maybe—and I'm just going to put this out there—Trump is a less-likeable guy?

SACHS SACKED. Reuters's Felix Salmon looks at Lower Manhattan and asks, among other questions, why do we continue to build skyscrapers so close to the water? As vulnerable as the buildings that house the nations financial structures are, the financial structures themselves are more so.

SOME GOOD NEWS.The Huffington Post reports that Oscar Niemeyer, 104, who was recently hospitalized for dehydration, has been released from his hospital stay. To his good health. (The permalink is currently not working, as HuffPo is experiencing some technical difficulties.

VIKINGED. Here's a first look at a tentative design for the new football stadium for the Minnesota Vikings by HKS.

...AND REMAINDERS. Multifamily housing booms in Indianapolis... Architizer looks back on the Museum of Modern Art show on rising water levels in New York... Alain de Botton pens a guide to English holiday homes (pictured).