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The New Lab, an 84,000-square-foot site set to officially open its doors on Sept. 24, will offer designers and engineer a space in which they can both create and network. Geared towards companies that work in industries such as robotics, connected devices, and nanotechnology, the building will house communal tools such as CNC-machines, a large 3D-printer from German company BigRep, and digital lathes for use by all occupants.

Located in an old New York shipbuilding facility, New Lab will provide a variety of membership options, from shared spaces to private studio offices. With 27 firms already working in the building, full occupancy will be reached at 50 to 60 firms.

"We want to be a catalyst for a whole range of industries that support the firms here, such as design and advertising," says David Belt, executive director and founder of New York–based real estate developer, Macro Sea. "New York is never going to be able to compete on cheap wages, but as manufacturing becomes more locally distributed, we can absolutely compete in terms of innovation and design."

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