The latest project slated for Los Angeles is FAB Park, a drought-friendly public park to be built on a currently vacant lot between First and Broadway in the downtown area. The experimental design, carried out and won in a design competitition by local landscape architecture firm Mia Lehrer and Associates, features a rectangular layout carved out by jagged paths and derives its acronym name from its very location (First, And, Broadway).

Keeping the alarming state of water scarcity in mind, it integrates sustainable features such as indigenous trees planted along the circumference of the plot of land which will be watered with harvested, on-site rain water and canopies with solar panels installed into the tops of them.

With the help of Dutch firm OMA and Californian consulting firm IDEO, the designers hope that this park will act as "a demonstration garden," for future urban planning projects within Los Angeles.

To learn more about FAB Park, head over to WIRED.

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