The dream of a permanent space for New York-based artists Alex and Allyson Grey’s psychedelic work is becoming a reality as the couple secure considerable funds through crowdsourcing via Kickstarter. Slated to be built in New York's Hudson Valley, the "Entheon" will house three floors which will enable visitors to turn on, tune in and drop out of their daily routines as they navigate through exhibitions, which include many of the Greys’ renowned works as well as artifacts from the lives of famous counterculture figures.

Such pieces come from Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann, the first to synthesize LSD, or acid, and American psychonaut Timothy Leary, whose eye glasses and cremated remains will be on display, respectively. Backers on Kickstarter nearly doubled the project's $125,000 goal, making it the fifth most funded art project on the crowdsourcing platform to date, CityLab reports.

The site's top floor contains the infamous "Chapel of Sacred Mirrors" paintings, which have retained a cult following since the 2009 closure of the Greys’ exhibition space in Manhattan by the same name. The couple drew inspiration for this collection from a shared, LSD-induced vision of a “toroidal fountain and drain of self-illuminating love energy.” The Greys’ nonprofit organization, which follows the same namesake, is currently accepting applications for volunteers to work at the project site.

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