Johnston Marklee

Following a May announcement of a $20 million gift from Los Angeles gallery owner Margo Leavin, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) board of regents has approved plans for updated studio facilities for graduate students in the Department of Arts and Architecture.

As ARCHITECT contributor Carolina Miranda reports in the Los Angeles Times, updates to the current off-campus art studios, which are located in Culver City, Calif., had been discussed as early as 2011. A feasibility study that included a proposal from Los Angeles architecture firm Johnston Marklee never took off due to its $31 million price tag, but the proposal will now move forward with the gift from Leavin providing nearly two-thirds of that budget.

The current facilities include a World War II era bow-truss warehouse—which will be retained, but updated—and several ad hoc auxiliary additions that will be removed to make room for a new two-story, 38,000 square foot building to wrap the updated warehouse and unify the arts complex.

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