Courtesy The Guardian

A recent column by Oliver Wainwright, architecture and design critic for The Guardian, comments on Zaha Hadid Architects' principal Patrik Schumacher's recent pro-privatization statements at this year's Berlin World Architecture festival, and talks to the architect about the speech's aftermath.

During an impassioned lecture at the annual festival which ran Nov. 16-18, Schumacher criticized social housing projects, encouraged the privatization of parks, streets, and squares, as well as bashed state-funded art schools. At one point, Shumacher even suggested building a new city over London's famous Hyde Park. “How much are you actually using it?” he asked his audience, according to The Guardian, “We need to know what it costs us!” His seemingly unsympathetic approach to social housing also received heavy criticism from the architecture community—even earning him the nickname of "the Trump of Architects" on social media.

Schumacher has since stated that he regrets the backlash he received for his speech—that he merely wanted to facilitate a discussion, and that his views are separate from the firm's.

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