Oklahoma-based architecture firm Kinslow, Keith & Todd have proposed a museum that resembles a twister frozen in place. Although it may be a touchy reminder of the natural disasters that have given way for the Midwestern area to be dubbed "Tornado Alley," it can also be perceived as the only structure custom-made for the area. Originally designed for a magazine story to reimagine the downtown area of Tulsa, the architects would also include a weather museum, severe-storms laboratory, and outdoor terraces. Additionally, there would be a restaurant on top with a light installation that gives the impression that the top is slowly spinning.

The firm has said that this structure would be representative of the area, likening it to Seattle's Space Needle, where it would be the only city to have a structure like this. But critics may add that cities may not want a building that also looks like a figure that wreaks havoc on an area. Read More