Noah Kalina

Age: 25

What I’m studying:
My focus is the blurry zone between architecture, film, graphic design, and photography. I just had my first big film shown at the Pompidou Center in Paris—it’s about the current vernacular of architectural geometry and form. I also have undergraduate degrees in graphic design and art history. For me, architecture school has been more about learning a new way of thinking than about preparing for a profession. 

My goals in 10 years:
I’d love to be a director of architectural films. I’m interested in Joseph Kosinski, who most recently directed the [latest] Tron film, because a lot of his work deals with questions of architecture, even though his work is not architecture per se. I’m also interested in building, but because of the economy I’m a little hesitant, though optimistic. 

The big issue for Millennial architects:
Student debt. You’re investing $50,000–$100,000 in a profession that might not give the return you want. Architecture isn’t about becoming rich and famous. Our generation looks at these starchitects and thinks that we can be next, but that’s like wanting to win the lottery. We have to be careful about investing a lot in a career that might not have the end result we want. 

How Boomers influenced me:
I think Millennials are looking more to Boomers—the Peter Eisenman generation—than we are to Gen-X’ers. Our generation is thinking critically about solving our problems with the solutions of Postmodernism.

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