The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) debuted its new, $305 million addition and renovation as it opened to the public on Saturday, May 14.

The New York Times' art critic Roberta Smith says the building now “feels like a small city, which is a singular achievement in terms of both architecture and collection building.” SFMOMA launched Norwegian firm Snøhetta's ten-story addition with 19 new exhibitions, which include paintings by American painter Jackson Pollock and American abstract expressionist Lee Krasner, a gigantic, steel sculpture by American sculptor Richard Serra, and a showcase of 260 postwar works from the collection of Donald and Doris Fisher, who founded The Gap.

"The new building’s rippling, sloping facade, rife with subtle curves and bulges, establishes a brilliant alternative to the straight-edged boxes of traditional modernism and the rebellion against them...” Smith says. “Mainly, it reminds us that the horizontal and vertical grids of the city can be disrupted without being destroyed.”

Read Smith’s full review of the new SFMOMA at the NYTimes.

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