Designed by Swedish firm Belatchew Architects, Sweden's parking garage is exclusively for bikes. Allowing up to 700 bikes spots, lockers, and showers, this new site is being built from the ground up for cyclists.

"The city of the future is not one built around the car as a means of transportation," says Roger Mogert, city planning commissioner for Stockholm. "This requires that we make it easier to travel by bike, and of course arranging for safe and efficient parking solutions is on step towards that goal."

The multipurpose site will also feature 60 apartments, in addition to a bike repair shop, changing rooms, showers, and lockers. Located near a major train station, cyclists can enter from the street with automatic sliding doors without getting off of their bikes.

"All around the world, the trend is clear that city planners are looking for alternatives to cars since large cities are suffering from congestion and pollution," says Rachel Belatchew Lerdell, CEO of Belatchew Architects. "The bicycle is one such alternative, and I am sure we will see many more bike parks in the future." Read More