Frank Lloyd Wright’s smallest project has proven to be one of his most dramatic. That’s according to a forthcoming independent documentary, The Jewel in the Woods, detailing the rise and fall of the Seth Peterson Cottage. The 880-square-foot, Usonian-style cabin near Lake Delton, in Wisconsin, was commissioned by Wright superfan Seth Peterson who paid the architect—who was then 91 years old and near broke—$500 for the design. "Wright was so broke at the time, that he would cash any check sent to him, and Seth Peterson knew this," the fim’s director, Bill Kult, told Curbed. "So Seth sent Wright a check for $500, and he promptly cashed it, making him obligated to design the cottage for him." Wright died before the cottage was completed, and Peterson took his own life soon after. Meanwhile, a new owner purchased and finished the structure, but it was absorbed into a state park soon after and fell into disrepair until 1992, when it was restored. The documentary details the house's history and restoration.

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