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The 58-story Millennium Tower in San Francisco is sinking, and the $2 billion-plus Transbay Transit Center project is under scrutiny for the damage. In 2008, officials of the Transbay project agreed to sign a contract with officials for the Millennium Tower, that binds them to cover any soil settlement and cracking of the structure induced by the construction process. This contract also required that a wall would be built between the projects. Since then, the tower has sunk 16 inches and is tilting two inches to the northwest, in the opposite direction of the transit center. The building is at a sinking rate of one inch per year, and if the trend continues, its elevators will likely jam.

The dispute is expected to be taken to court where officials from both projects will debate over whether the foundation of Millennium Tower was faulty to begin with, and how much Transbay owes. According to data collected since 2009, “full responsibility for the tilting and excessive settlement of the building lies with Millennium Partners, the developer of the Tower...[and a] poor design decision is the cause of the tilt and excessive vertical settlement." say Transbay officials.

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