Richard Silver is like any other photographer: he wants to capture his subjects at the right moment, but doesn’t limit himself to just one. Depicting some of the most famous landmarks of the world, such as the Parliament building in London and the Colosseum in Rome, the New York-based artist created a “time-sliced” series of photographs where he photographs the same subject multiple times within one day, changing from day to light in a single composition. What started in his hometown of New York expanded to international locations such as Milan and Beijing, providing a special photograph for the world traveler or the local.

Each photo consists of about 36 photos placed in segments side by side. Silver makes the pieces in his lightroom, and then transfers them to Photoshop, to achieve the chronological order of day to night. Regarding his workflow, the artist told CityLab, “What I do is go to a position to set up my camera on my tripod to take photos from 30 minutes before sunset, during sunset and about 30 minutes after sunset. I take the same exact shot, clicking away randomly as the sun sets capturing the changing of light to dark in the photos.” Read More