Designed in 1938, the Ralph Jester House (named after its would be owner, Hollywood costume designer Ralph Jester) would have been located in Santa Monica, Calif. Archilogic, a Swiss firm that specializes in 3D models for real estate and architecture, created a computer generated model of the elegant home for 21st-century viewers to admire.

"The layout consisted of a series of self-contained, cylindrical rooms clad in plywood, a series of drums set beneath a square slab roof. The interior was, in effect, a large indoor patio, requiring one to walk outside to travel between rooms, or access the large swimming pool, which was designed to overflow into a ravine below and provide a 270-degree view of the Pacific Ocean, a man-made waterfall reflecting out towards the sea," says the Curbed article.

The house was never built, mainly due to cost. However, Jester did end up hiring Frank Lloyd Wright's son in 1946, to build him and his family a home.

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