The Central Business District in Beijing needs to expand in order to accommodate a robust market for new commercial and industrial space as well as arts and cultural facilities. The 1.2-square-mile site was designed to accommodate future growth while implementing sustainable systems—such as advanced public transportation and infrastructure with smart-technology-controlled utilities—that ensure a large-scale, low-carbon development with a vast network of open space, parks, and green boulevards.

Jury: “This project shows how planning for a cohesive central business district is the best strategy for truly sustainable development.”

Client: “The scheme submitted by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill is very mature. … The connection with the original CBD Central District has been considered in the design of a green system, business facilities, underground development, and road systems, to show an integrated area. The design also considers the city’s density and massing, and also pedestrian-friendly and comfortable spaces to create a vital city life.”  —Wang Qingfeng, chief of the Planning Administration Division, Beijing Central Business District Administration Committee