The Willowbrook MLK Wellness Community, Los Angeles, California.
Courtesy Gensler The Willowbrook MLK Wellness Community, Los Angeles, California.

The Willowbrook MLK Wellness Community Vision and Medical Center Master Plan establish a framework for future growth and development of the campus and adjacent neighborhood, the latter of which is neglected, underserved and riddled with underutilized land stemming from the 1965 Watts Riots, the 1992 civil unrest, closing of the MLK Hospital and recent economic downturn. In response, the County of Los Angeles, understands that the reopening of the hospital provides a catalytic opportunity for future development and investment. Taking advantage of new medical facilities, as the first step in reinventing the community within the context of health and wellness, enables the revitalization of the Medical Center Campus and adjacent neighborhood, while advancing social, economic and environmental quality in South Los Angeles. For more details and images of The Willowbrook MLK Wellness Community, visit ARCHITECT's Project Gallery

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