Landscape architecture often suffers as the forgotten counterpart to a statement building, but not so when the landscape itself is the star of the show, as is the case with the newly opened Hills on Governors Island in New York Harbor. Designed by Dutch firm West 8, the Hills are a 70-foot artificial peak located on the south end of the island in its 150-acre public park.

In an article whose length befits a subject so large in scale, ARCHITECT contributor Alexandra Lange details elements of the park interspersed with commentary from West 8 co-founder and landscape architect Adriaan Geuze and dotted with highlights of the histories of Geuze, his firm, and the island.

Lange describes moments within Governors Island in terms of their Louis Kahn-esque compression and release: "In holding you here, between the city and the peaks, Geuze delays the big reveal, focusing attention on the curtain, on the way that the landscape architecture has embroidered the ground beneath your feet. Then he draws the curtain back to show a star that needs no introduction: as a visitor strolls down the path, the Hills part to reveal the Statue of Liberty."

Read Lange's full story at The New Yorker.

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