The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey attached a camera to the tippity-top part of the spire that was installed on 1 World Trade Center today, capturing and commemorating the moment as the skyscraper's official height finally reached 1,776 feet. It takes some time for the spire to reach its final elevation, but by the time it does, anyone with even a mild touch of vertigo will be full on spinning. Because the camera is looking down, the ground appears to recede more than half a kilometer. Be warned, then watch:

At 3:19, something makes a bonging sound, maybe a pipe colliding with something, which only serves to remind you that the camera is so far above the city that you can't hear it. New York City. That is not a quiet place. There are people with that camera!

If this video doesn't sufficiently terrify you, consider watching the trailer for Gravity, which is set 1,964,160 above the ground. There are people there, too. Anyway, nothing goes wrong in the first video and now the Freedom Tower is finished. I am closing these horrible windows. God bless America!