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The world's highest and longest bridge glass-bottomed bridge opened in the Zhangjiajie mountains of China. The tourist attraction stretches 430 meters between two mountain peaks, is 300 meters high and six meters wide. A maximum of 800 people can cross the bridge at a time, and adrenaline junkies can choose to bungee jump or zip line. The popular peaks of Zhangjiajie Park inspired the film Avatar, after a Hollywood photographer snapped images of the landscape.

The bridge was designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan

, and safety was a pressing issue in the design process after the crack in a bridge located at the Yuntai mountain in 2015. They drove a car across Dotan's bridge to demonstrate its strength, and asked visitors to hit the glass panels with sledge hammers. There are long-term safety measures as well—only 8,000 visitors will be allowed to cross the bridge each day and stilettos are prohibited.

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