In case you missed the memo, the adult’s version of the party bus is the party train. That’s right. Party buses are out, party trains are in. And if you really want to make your birthday, graduation, dog’s wedding—whatever!—special, you’re going to choose a unique venue such as Chicago’s ‘L’ train to drive around the Windy City.

Apparently, the Chicago Transit Authority has been renting out the trains for decades, says William Reilly, the general manager of rail operations. Past uses over the years include fashion shows, rolling art museums, school tours, and conventions.

But keep in mind there are some definite “do’s” and “don’ts” if you’re going to be that guy that rents out the ‘L’ train for ten straight years to celebrate his birthday (it’s true he exists). For a mere $1,800 you and 34 of your friends can get together, eat, and dance to live or recorded music. But alcohol is a no-no. Buzzkill. Read More