Innovative Detail


Innovative Detail: Autoban Weaves a Network of Wood Finishes into Cocoons in Azerbaijan

The Istanbul-based architecture and design studio creates a wooden village to encourage wandering in a vast airport terminal.


Creating a Serpentine Roof with Wood

Diamond Schmitt Architects turns a forgettable low-rise building at Thompson Rivers University into a focal point in British Columbia.


Made in Germany by Robots

The University of Stuttgart employs robots to fabricate the shell of a pavilion about innovative construction methods.


A Tree-Filled Atrium to Inspire Patients

Farrow Partnership Architects created an indoor forest before digital fabrication came of age.


A Suspended Shading System Made from Wood

For the GSA Office Building in Albuquerque, N.M., architecture and engineering firm Page hung western red cedar slats to shade the courtyard and building interior in an elegant and efficient manner.


Detail: Glulam Timber Fins Provide Texture and Shade

The Billard Leece Partnership angled long lengths of timber to meet Australia's stringent building code requirement for sunshading.


A Curved Wooden Chapel in a Northern Square

K2S Architects realized an unorthodox form for a chapel in Helsinki with help from a team of former shipbuilders.

panels of hemlock ribs accent the walls in the school entrance. the play of light among a line of trees in a black-and-white photo of a nearby canyon inspired the abstract pattern. “we sketched out a lot of concepts for the entry,” eddy says. “in the end, everyone was most comfortable with a surface treatment that remained in character with the rest of the building.”

How to Design a Custom Timber Structure on a Tight Budget

Through creative detailing and design, Hennebery Eddy Architects crafted a facility for the Cascades Academy that complements its forested site.

workers sanded and coated the 3,000-square-foot wood surface with a melamine-based polish, a popular wood finish in india. it took an 18-person carpentry crew three months to complete the work.

A Parametric Design Made by Hand and Pencil

Sanjay Puri Architects created the dizzying interior wood finish of the Auriga restaurant in Mumbai, India, with no software, but rather a pencil tied to a stick.


Wilkinson Eyre Architects' Timber Dome Tops a Student Hub

As one of the largest grid shells in the United Kingdom, the geodesic dome over the University of Exeter's Forum supports student life and looks great on T-shirts.


HGA and Acoustic Dimensions Design a Versatile Performance Space for Macalester College

An architect-drummer and acoustician-trumpeter update a 1960s concert hall with a versatile acoustical shell.

kilden performing arts centre in kristiansand, norway designed by ala architects.

Detail: Kilden Curved Façade

In southern Norway, a performing arts center by Helsinki firm ALA Architects embraces and amazes visitors with a wooden wall that cantilevers to the harbor's edge.