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  • Do Architects Believe In Global Warming? Readers Weigh In

    With sustainability all the rage, it's easy to assume that architects are on board with the Al Gore agenda. But are they? The results of our survey may surprise you.

  • Will Alsop Joins RMJM

    Only weeks after announcing his intention to quit architecture and focus on painting, Stirling Prize–winner Will Alsop has joined the UK-based firm RMJM to lead a new, branded studio, Will Alsop at RMJM.

  • Trust Me, I'm an (Unlicensed) Architect

    If you don't have an architectural license, it's illegal to call yourself an architect or perform architectural services—but people still do. How widespread is this problem, and who's policing it?

  • Backyard Beekeeping with the Beehaus

    Omlet unveils the Beehaus, which allows you to set up a beekeeping operation in your backyard or on your roof.

  • The Death and Life of Great American Cities

    A new book examines the battles between Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses.

  • Small Steps Toward Integrated Project Delivery

    As more architects are discovering, getting started with IPD does not require an all-or-nothing commitment. It's possible to test-drive an IPD workflow even if all parties aren't on board.

  • Dry Joist and Dry Joist EZ

    Wahoo Decks creates a flexible, weather-resistant system of aluminum decking.

  • 2009 R+D Awards

    Introducing the third annual ARCHITECT magazine R+D Awards.

  • Trumpf Campus Gatehouse

    Barkow Leibinger Architects use 2D and 3D cutting and casting technology to create a huge cantilevered roof for the Gatehouse building on Trumpf's campus.

  • Sustainable Form-Inclusion System

    Skidmore, Owings & Merrill design a prototype system that uses plastic bottles, bags, and other compressed waste to lighten and fill spaces in concrete slabs.