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  • Architect's 2009 salary survey asks: How Much Do Architects Make?

    How much do your peers in the architectural profession make, and how does it compare to what you make?

  • The Bard of Muswell Hill

    In addition to their remembered classics, Ray Davies and the Kinks created a catalog of music about architecture and preservationism in London.

  • Available: Immediately -- the recession comes home.

    When the recession began in 2008, architecture firms squeaked by on a backlog of projects. Now that it's running out, many architects have been laid off and are struggling to find jobs.

  • ASCE Issues Report Card on U.S. Infrastructure

    The American Society of Civil Engineers has released its 2009 Report Card for America's Infrastructure, which evaluates the condition of roads, bridges, drinking water systems, and other public works in the United States. Our country's overall grade? A less than impressive D.

  • Green on the Inside: Bailout offers host of incentives

    There's something for architects in that $700 billion bailout package, and it offers incentives for sustainable building and renewable energy.

  • HABS at 75

    The Historic American Buildings Survey stays relevant three-quarters of a century after its creation.

  • Studio: University of Miami

    On a perfect October day on the palm-studded University of Miami campus, Jaime Correa's students can be found deep inside a Bauhaus-by-way-of-South Florida 1940s studio block, trawling Google Earth for promising sites for a zero-energy town—the eventual o

  • Side Benefits of BIM

    Maybe you're tired of hearing that BIM promises a "revolution" in building design. Why adopt it now? Here are a few good reasons.

  • Letter From Helsinki

    Public opinion plays a very important role in the Finnish capital's architectural planning.

  • Global Truths

    Conventional wisdom about interational practice is part myth, part reality. Architects working abroad share their experiences.