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  • Dialogue: Science Fiction and Hard Science

    When truth is stranger than science fiction, architecture that draws from sci-fi starts to look downright normal.

  • Making the Case for Higher Fees

    Architects have been slow to champion the return on investment that their work can bring. But even a little data can convince clients that spending more can mean saving more.

  • Dialogue: Security Theater

    Edward Snowden was a toddler when Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio began to explore the inverse relationship between security and privacy. Now their work seems prescient.

  • As Sochi Olympics Kicks Off, Look Back at Past Stadiums

    Take a look at iconic past Olympic buildings, captured by the lenses of the photographers at Esto.

  • Star Turn: Skylab Architecture

    Hollywood came calling, but Skylab Architecture didn’t sell out. The firm is building its practice by bringing the same rigorous ideals to every project.

  • 1983 P/A Award Citation: West Broadway Housing

    West Broadway Housing is one of Boston's most diverse areas, in part due to the renovation of a 1948 public housing project, which won a citation in the 1983 P/A Awards.

  • Esto Gallery: 10 Years of AIA Gold

    With the help of Esto’s archivists, ARCHITECT has compiled a retrospective look at AIA Gold Medal winners of the last ten years.

  • Architecture and the Third Industrial Revolution

    Ready for the next revolution? The profession changed dramatically thanks to mechanization and mass production, and the next massive shift will be no less disruptive. In this era of small-scale, bottom-up design, say hello to 3D-printed houses, digicities, and curriculums that teach future...

  • Chicago's Xerox Center Helped Define the Contemporary Curtainwall

    Helmut Jahn’s first recognition in the P/A Awards program, a 1978 citation, came with the design for a Chicago tower that was expressive of the 1970s “Silvers.”

  • 2802 Pico Housing

    Santa Monica, Calif. / Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners. Honorable Mention.