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  • USGBC Members Approve LEED 2009

    After more than a year's work, the U.S. Green Building Council announced the approval, by its 18,000 member organizations' ballots, of LEED 2009, a major overhaul of its green-building certification system for design and construction projects.

  • The Light Fantastic

    Building skins become truly dynamic, thanks to new LED technology.

  • Raw Materials: Vinyl

    PVC is a common yet controversial plastic used in construction. See how it's made and what happens at the end of its life.

  • Buckeye, Next 6 Exits

    Between 2000 and 2006, Arizona's Maricopa county gained nearly 700,000 new residents, making it the fastest-growing county in the united states. Its fastest-growing town, once a faded highway pit stop, is now a 25,000-person phoenix exurb—that could swell

  • A Quality Brick Product Depends on Brick Ingredients

    Whatever the desired shape or manufacturing method, making brick depends on brick ingredients: the alchemy of shale, clay, water, and fire.

  • Lot-Ek Goes to China

    It was one of those rare projects that came unbidden—and from half a world away. One day in May 2005, Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano, architects and partners in the New York firm LOTEK, received an e-mail from Kengo Kuma, the Japanese architect well known

  • Concrete Masonry Units

    They look dull and, in fact, if you've seen one concrete masonry unit—or concrete block or CMU—you may think you've seen the lot of them: Usually they're rough, gray oblong blocks formed from water, sand, crushed stone, and cement, with two big holes in them.


    Roving architect, artist, and educator Lebbeus Woods has amassed three decades' worth of his tumultuous, fantastical work at his new website, which amounts to a one-man museum without walls.

  • Church, Going

    Stricken by falling attendance and a major scandal, the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston is closing 65 parishes. As other cities grapple with the same problem, what becomes of America's urban churches?

  • Maurice Cox Named NEA Director of Design

    You don't have to have been an actual mayor to oversee the influential Mayors' Institute on City Design at the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). But it will likely be an asset for Maurice Cox, who is taking over the institute as NEA's new director of design.