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  • Four Architects Pick Their Favorite New-Old Products

    If sustainable design had an attractive spokesmodel, it would be reclaimed materials. Besides conserving resources and reducing waste, they give projects the patina of a past life.

  • Traditional Brick Makes a Renaissance

    The more wired our society becomes, the more we seem to cherish the opposite: handmade, locally sourced items to fill our homes and clad our buildings.

  • Continuing Education: Mission-Critical Facilities

    To defend these facilities from the rising number of cyber attacks, architects must navigate technically complex territory with alliances in multiple disciplines.

  • Choosing a 3D Printer for Your Firm

    With the array of 3D printers available, and with costs ranging from $1,500 to $150,000, selecting the best model for your firm can be as time consuming as designing a building—almost.

  • Four Architects Choose Their Favorite Cladding Products

    For centuries, building walls had one basic purpose: to hold up a roof. The invention of the curtainwall enabled a façade to accomplish much more. Four architects share their go-to cladding products.

  • Understanding Generational Differences Can Inform Office Design

    It’s no secret that older and younger workers have different working styles. But learning the distinctive values and priorities of each generation can help designers gain insight into the best approach for commercial office projects, Brian Libby reports.

  • Building App-titude: Apps for Architects

    Apps can shrink desktop programs to fit and function on mobile devices, but the most sophisticated programs enable designers to work in a new paradigm of connectivity that was previously unimaginable. Four tech-saavy architects share their favorite apps for architects.

  • Incorporating Building Management Systems into Architecture

    Building management systems bring us one step closer to dummy-proofing your clients’ lives—if we can design and program them correctly.

  • Beyond PowerPoint

    Designers explore new and old ways to make client presentations that are memorable and—better yet—successful.

  • PV Tech Experts

    The race to harvest solar energy efficiently is rivaled by the struggle to stay on top of new photovoltaic technologies.