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  • Let There Be Light

    Engineers discuss the lighting-control systems that enable their clients and users to focus on different aspects of experiencing a building.

  • Package Deals

    Four designers talk about the rendering plug-ins and programs they employ.

  • Dashboard Confessional

    Three views on monitoring systems and the promise that dashboards hold for design.

  • Eco-Logical

    Three designers discuss the environmental codes that most affect their work.

  • BIM, Bang, Boom

    Four plug-ins for better performance with building information modeling tools.

  • Four Software Updates

    Designers share their favorite software updates of 2010 and 2011.

  • Studio on Steroids

    The University of Oklahoma architecture school tests a plugged-in classroom prototype.

  • Tim DuRoche

    Director of programs for the World Affairs Council of Oregon talks about the value of architecture centers.

  • Tools for the Wired Designer

    We find out from two architects and an engineer what piece of hardware or mobile software they find most essential these days.


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