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  • AIA Case Study: Postgreen in Philly

    LEED-Platinum homes reboot Philadelphia's urban neighborhoods, and could serve as a model for other cities.

  • 2011 Evergreen Awards Special Recognition

    North House, by Team North/RVTR

  • Ultra-Green Modular Homes

    Modular homes, which have been around for a few hundred years, are adopting an ultra-green identity.

  • Civics Lessons

    When a tornado devastated the seamier side of Nashville, AIA helped the town redefine its future.

  • Johnsen Schmaling Architects Ecological Retrofit

    A Milwaukee architecture firm tranforms a dated and dysfunctional production house into an AIA award-winning home

  • an unsentimental education

    As an undergraduate at Auburn University in 1994, Jonathan Tate, a white suburban kid from Huntsville, Ala., signed up for Rural Studio, where he helped to design one-of-a-kind “charity houses” on a shoestring budget.

  • native sun

    One trickle-down effect of the green revolution is the growing recognition that social and economic sustainability should be part of the picture. KRDB of Austin, Texas, aims to cover those bases at SOL (Solutions Oriented Living), a mixed-income community

  • après le downturn

    news from the leading edge of residential design.

  • objects of desire

    when it comes to product design, what creates a classic?

  • waiting to exhale

    This is an uncertain period for architects, but also an interesting one, as market trends shake out in response to production housing's spectacular fall and the new energy realities.