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  • Sweet Spot

    Three young designers at RATIO Architects create a factory and visitors center for chocolate producers in Ecuador.

  • The Future of Incarceration

    Justice design has evolved since Jeremy Bentham's revolutionary panopticon. Today's architects want to create jails that aren't punishing to live in -- or look at.

  • South African Government Proposes Stripping Building-Related Councils of Authority

    Architects, engineers, and other professionals would need to register with government-created organization

  • L.A.'s Learning Curve

    Challenge: How does one district build 132 new schools—and update some 800 more—without sacrificing design quality? (Hint: Get architects involved at the beginning.)

  • Midcareer Choices: Firm Owner, Developer-Friendly

    The Parameter office sits in the shadow of one of the firm's most ambitious endeavors, the Silo Point condominiums.

  • Coming Attractions

    Landmark's CEO Ted Mundorff sees the new flagship cinema in Los Angeles as a nod to the past: “It's a return to service, a revival of the customer experience that was around in the '30s but has since diminished,” he says.