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  • The Millennials: Children of the Revolution

    They’re the most studied generation in world history. They’re a total mystery to their elders. And they’re ready to take on a profession wracked by change. What will the rise of the Millennials mean for architecture?

  • Schools As Sustainable Teaching Tools

    A look at how schools are being designed and constructed to better serve communities and the environment.

  • Contemporary Mosque: Placing Worship

    Drawing from African, Turkish, and Spanish influences, architects are pushing mosque design toward the contemporary.

  • Stacked

    The next generation of libraries is made for the spokes, not the hub.

  • Morale Will Improve

    As the profession faces a coming talent shortage, can a friendlier culture help a firm's bottom line?

  • Family Sized

    Multifamily developers are targeting recession-minded renters and innovative funding sources.

  • The 50-Year-Old Intern Architect

    The unregistered intern architect: will a decline in registered professionals create a lost generation of architects?

  • Global Shopping Spree

    Retail developments are leading the surge in new construction in emerging markets, such as China, India, and Brazil.

  • Number 5: Ann Beha Architects

    This Boston firm took a top 5 spot with their combination of research and its sensitivity to the past.

  • Ford Assembly Building, Richmond, Calif.

    Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects, Berkeley, Calif.