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  • Typology: Synagogues

    Jewish houses of worship see modest growth as congregations seek more social spaces.

  • Downtown Turnaround

    Communities across the country are contending with devalued real estate, and architects need to step up and help rethink these cities.

  • The Dispute Over Sustainable Wood

    For years, there has been debate over how the USGBC awards LEED points for sustainably certified wood. Could a resolution be near?

  • The Pit That Swallowed a City

    When a town in Sweden began crumbling into a giant crater, the local authorities took action—by convening a global design summit.

  • Facing up to the Numbers

    For too long, architecture schools shied away from teaching business basics. That’s changing—fast.


    The founders of Citiscope, a new online publication, hope to keep tabs on complex urban issues around the globe through serious, on-the-ground journalism.

  • Changes in the Profession of Architecture

    Design practice and culture are evolving, and BIM is a crucial part of changes in the profession of architecture.

  • The Rise and Fall (and Rebirth) of CSD

    How the recession undid CSD Architects, one of Baltimore's oldest design firms, and how the practice made a partial comeback.

  • Green: Perkins+Will

    The greenest firm in the land, for the second year running.

  • Archiving Cultural Landscapes Throughout the U.S.

    For Cultural Landscape Foundation president Charles Birnbaum, the What's Out There database his nonprofit recently launched is the realization of a career-long dream.