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Other stories by Hannah McCann

  • When the People Seized Power

    It wasn't just the dust that chased families off their farms during the Depression. The bright lights of the city beckoned, symbolizing all that electricity made possible.

  • Leadholders

    The leadholder was revolutionary in one small way: It didn't shrink. Before leadholders, most architects drew with pencils that got shorter as the day wore on. Wood pencils required near-constant whittling to expose the lead for sharpening. But leadholder

  • Beverly Willis

    A pioneer in the profession makes sure the history books tell the whole story.

  • United Oil

    The sky's the limit for a new gas station in south Los Angeles.

  • 0.2%

    The number of black women architects has quadrupled in 15 years. But four times a fraction of a percent doesn't amount to much.