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Other stories by Jeffrey Lee

  • Exhibit: 'Loop Value: The How Much Does It Cost? Shop'

    A pop-up shop by the Chicago Architecture Foundation factors in all of the hidden costs that products use throughout their lives. Through 2012.

  • Color Coding

    Who and what decides which colors are in and out?

  • Industrial Renaissance

    A new model for industrial development focuses on reducing carbon footprints and benefiting the surrounding community.

  • VJAA

    This Minneapolis-based firm is the 2012 AIA Archtitecture Firm of the Year.

  • The Future Unfolds

    Dissatisfied with the fabrication options available to him, Jonas Hauptman launched Seeyond.

  • Sustainable Stays

    Today's green hotels meet performance goals without compromising the guest experience.

  • Exhibit: 'City of Mirages'

    Baghdad's once-flourishing architectural landscape is documented for Western eyes at the New York Center for Architecture. Through May 5.

  • Exhibit: 'The Utopian Impulse'

    A new San Francisco exhibit showcases Buckminster Fuller's projects as well as Bay Area projects inspired by him. Through July 29.

  • Exhibit: 'Architecture and Engineering in the Middle East, 2000-Present'

    Two exhibits at New York's Center for Architecture examine the architecture of the Middle East. The first takes a sweeping survey of everything built in the last 12 years. Through June 23.

  • Local Legislation

    Architects are lobbying on behalf of architecture around the country.