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  • Systems, Not Icons

    What do you get when you combine landscape architecture with landscape-based urban design? A new approach to city-making.

  • What Is the Value of Design?

    The social networking site Return on Design, created by Philadelphia-based BLT Architects, homes in on the idea of architecture as a strategic business decision.

  • Fast-Rising: DesignLAB

    A small Boston firm that punches above its weight.

  • Social Networking for Designers, Minus the Idle Chatter

    With its visually oriented design and robust search engine, Architizer.com offers the world architectural community another way to connect.

  • Cooper Square Hotel

    The new tower, designed by Carlos Zapata Studio, is the newest building to help redefine this civic plaza on Manhattan's East Village.

  • For Adamson Associates, Success Is Not Measured by Name Recognition

    Toronto-based Adamson Associates is a top-tier architect of record, having partnered with many name-brand designers. But if you haven't heard of them, that's OK. Their work speaks for itself.

  • moma.org

    The Museum of Modern Art's recently revamped website allows visitors a better way to experience all that the institution has to offer.

  • A Quality Design Rendering Is as Much Art as Architecture

    Each building has a story to tell. Illustrator Guillaume Paturel and his architectural rendering firm, By-Encore, ensure it’s effectively conveyed.

  • Going Deeper

    About 5 percent of what people think and feel is articulated, says Fathom founder Christine Astorino. Her consultancy helps architects comprehend, and design for, the elusive 95 percent.

  • Engineer Hanif Kara has mastered the fine art of working with architects.

    Ever since the Renaissance, when engineering and architecture split into separate disciplines, the relationship between the two has been plagued by competition and antagonism.