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  • Teddy Cruz, Greg Lynn Awarded $50,000 Grants

    United States Artists has awarded $2.5 million in grants, including $50,000 unrestricted grants to architects Teddy Cruz and Greg Lynn.

  • Taming the Sun

    With its expansion of the Israel Museum, James Carpenter Design Associates devised a way to work with Jerusalem's intense daylight.

  • Systems, Not Icons

    What do you get when you combine landscape architecture with landscape-based urban design? A new approach to city-making.

  • What Is the Value of Design?

    The social networking site Return on Design, created by Philadelphia-based BLT Architects, homes in on the idea of architecture as a strategic business decision.

  • Fast-Rising: DesignLAB

    A small Boston firm that punches above its weight.

  • Social Networking for Designers, Minus the Idle Chatter

    With its visually oriented design and robust search engine, offers the world architectural community another way to connect.

  • Cooper Square Hotel

    The new tower, designed by Carlos Zapata Studio, is the newest building to help redefine this civic plaza on Manhattan's East Village.

  • For Adamson Associates, Success Is Not Measured by Name Recognition

    Toronto-based Adamson Associates is a top-tier architect of record, having partnered with many name-brand designers. But if you haven't heard of them, that's OK. Their work speaks for itself.


    The Museum of Modern Art's recently revamped website allows visitors a better way to experience all that the institution has to offer.

  • A Quality Design Rendering Is as Much Art as Architecture

    Each building has a story to tell. Illustrator Guillaume Paturel and his architectural rendering firm, By-Encore, ensure it’s effectively conveyed.