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Other stories by John Morris Dixon

  • Two of Many for Morphosis

    Oft-honored in the P/A Awards, Morphosis was recognized in 1987 for two very different L.A.-area projects.

  • Modernism in Classical Armor

    At Princeton's Whig Hall, Gwathmey and Siegel created a modernist landmark that is remarkably at home in a classical revival shell.

  • Monumentality in Paradise

    Designed by John Carl Warnecke, a 1960s starchitect, the capitol of Hawaii represents the adaptation of Modernism to ceremonial purposes.

  • Pilgrimage Point

    For the Hajj Terminal at Jeddah Airport, SOM designed a complex that covers 120 acres and constitutes a landmark of 20th century architecture and engineering.

  • New Old New York

    A pragmatic plan by Cooper Ekstut for Battery Park CIty's 92 acres of landfill proposed incremental development that is just now being completed.

  • Frank Gehry's American Center in Paris

    The P/A Award-winning building that Frank Gehry designed survives under a new purpose and client.

  • The New Haven Fire Headquarters, a Utilitarian Landmark

    Winner of a 1961 P/A Award, the building's design—by Earl Carlin, with Peter Millard and Paul Pozzi—sparked a jury dispute over its place in the cityscape.

  • Past Progressives: Sea Ranch Condominium Complex

    The Sea Ranch condominium complex by Moore Lyndon Turnbull Whitaker was hailed as a paradigm of ecologically sensitive design—and remains so today.

  • Disordered Order in Culver City

    The Samitaur Offices brought a brand of disordered order to Culver City, Calif.,that Moss has since used to transform the neighborhood.

  • New Life, Old Fabric

    When the 1975 P/A Awards jurors honored the Faneuil Hall Marketplace proposal, they couldn’t have realized how successful the project would be.