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  • Unwanted Sound

    How big a problem is noise pollution?

  • Numbers: Classroom Culture

    A look at the current makeup of the architecture student body and its professors.

  • Numbers: All Aboard

    A look at U.S. public transportation data.

  • Feeling the Pinch

    The economic slowdown has affected the nation's AEC firms, in the form of hiring freezes, layoffs, and a drop in revenue, according to ZweigWhite's 2008 Financial Performance Survey.

  • Deadly Work

    In 2006 construction was the top U.S. industry for on-the-job fatalities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Trailer Troubles

    The temporary housing provided to hurricane Katrina and Rita victims by FEMA is at the center of a lawsuit alleging excessive formaldehyde levels in the trailers and mobile homes.

  • Curbing Carbon

  • What, Me Worry?

  • Who's Tall Now?

    You'd think it would be tough to cloak a nearly 1,900-foot-tall building in secrecy, yet that's exactly what's happening with the proposed China 117 Tower in Tianjin, China, and many other skyscrapers still in the proposal or early building phases.

  • Walkable Urbanism

    Thanks to its mix of easily accessible employment, culture, retail, housing, and other amenities, the Washington, D.C., metro area has been hailed as the standard-bearer of pedestrian convenience in a recent Brookings Institution study on “urban walkabili