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Other stories by Margot Carmichael Lester

  • Meridian, Idaho

    Once bucolic dairy land, Meridian has become Idaho's third-largest city and a thriving business hub, thanks to a corridor approach to development.

  • South Bend, Ind.

    Previously a fur-trading post and factory town, South Bend has redefined itself through intellectual capital, including higher education.

  • Columbus, Ga.

    Fort Benning's expansion is expected to bring in 30,000 new residents to Columbus, leading to a rise in residential, healthcare, and school construction.

  • AIA 2009 Convention: Things to Do in San Francisco

    When not walking the floor of Moscone Center or catching up on CEUs, AIA convention attendees should enjoy some of San Francisco's many diversions.

  • Burlington, Vt.

    Formerly a factory town, now a college town, Burlington is among the healthiest cities in the U.S., in part because of brownfield redevelopment.

  • Rochester, Minn.

    A hotbed of scientific and technological R&D for 150 years, Rochester is a community where opportunity, innovation, and creativity thrive.

  • Oakland, Calif.

    After years of struggling, Oakland is taking back and revitalizing urban areas with a series of transit-oriented development projects.

  • Fort Collins, Colo.

    A constant presence on "best of" lists, Fort Collins is adjusting to a population boom by focusing on infill and redevelopment projects.

  • Allentown, Pa.

    Visionary planners and developers are turning Allentown, once a steel manufacturing hub, into a cultural and entertainment mecca.

  • Huntsville, Ala.

    It's not all space-age technology in Huntsville, home to the Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Flight Center. Sustainability matters, too.