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  • Cascade Coil

    The Impulse nightclub features a translucent backdrop of Aurora Borealis from Cascade Coil Drapery.

  • Chicago Metallic MetalScapes

    Chicago Metallic Corp. has introduced MetalScapes Wire Metal Mesh ceiling panels.

  • Outwater Stainless Steel Woven Wire Cloth

    Outwater Plastics Industries + Architectural Products by Outwater has introduced stainless steel woven wire cloth.

  • Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive PROPP 150

    Simpson Strong-Tie’s Quik Drive PROPP150 auto-feed screw driving system uses collated screw strips to eliminate fastener waste and provide a strong connection.

  • Knight Wall Systems CI-Girt

    Knight Wall Systems Inc. has launched the CI-Girt, a rainscreen system that accommodates continuous rigid insulation on the exterior to increase a structure’s energy efficiency.

  • Moz Designs Decorative Panels

    Móz Designs’ decorative perforated panels are constructed from 80 percent post-industrial recycled aluminum and are designed for use in interior retail and commercial applications.

  • Dri-Design Ombrae Technology

    Dri-Design has introduced Ombrae Imaging Technology, which uses computer software to cut 3-D pixels into Dri-Design panels.

  • Metl-Span CFR Retro-Seam

    Metl-Span has introduced the CFR Retro-Seam, an insulated metal standing seam roof panel that features the Roof Hugger sub-purlin system.

  • Citadel Architectural Products Envelope 2000 D-RV

    Citadel Architectural Products Inc. has introduced its Envelope 2000 D-RV, a deep-reveal attachment system that combines shop-fabricated and field-assembled methods.

  • Chemetal Tints Collection

    Refreshed for 2010 with 11 new colors, the Tints Collection from Chemetal offers updated palettes.