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Other stories by Vernon Mays

  • Bagley Classroom Building

    Annual Design Review 2010: Grow: Citation

  • New Cambridge Public Library

    Annual Design Review 2010: Bond: Award

  • Watsonville Water Resources Center

    Watsonville, Calif./WRNS Studio

  • Mr. Williams

    Paul R. Williams faced down discrimination to become the go-to designer of Hollywood's Golden Age. Now, he stands as a role model for the next, more diverse generation of architects.

  • Superinsulated House

    Dan Rockhill's Studio 804 designed and built a passive house that combines superior insulation and an airtight envelope.

  • Award: Shadow Pavilion

    The surface of PLY Architecture's Shadow Pavilion consists of 100-plus laser-cut cones that test the limits of sheet aluminum while funneling in light, moisture, and sound.

  • Citation: Bitmaps

    Wallpaper isn't everyone's cup of tea. In response to a client’s interest in 3D wall paneling, PROJECTiONE set out to invent a system of ornamental tiles.

  • 930 Poydras Street

    Few American cities embody “place” quite like New Orleans, where European, African, and Caribbean traditions are blended in a kind of cultural jambalaya.

  • Merchants Millpond Visitor Center

    Designed by Frank Harmon Architect, of Raleigh, N.C., the modest, wood-framed structure­ incorporates a low-tech approach to sustainable design and recalls a historic mill that once occupied the site.

  • The Many Faces of the Intern Development Program

    Four firms share their strategies for ushering the next generation of architects toward licensure.