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  • Rainscreen Mitigates Moisture

    Knight Wall Systems Inc. has released the Knight Wall System, all-in-one rainscreen system to mitigate moisture and increase energy efficiency in construction projects.

  • Wall Finishes Are Water-Based

    MDC Wall Finishes are water-based interior paint products that are environmentally friendly, easy to apply and available in myriad colors.

  • Sealant Prevents Rust

    Berger Building Products Inc. has introduced the FlashMate brushable sealant in a quart-sized can.

  • Removal System Gouges Quickly

    The Arcair-Matic N6000 Metal-Removal System from Thermadyne Industries is suited for metal fabrication, particularly in weld joint preparation where it is used to prepare uniform “U” or “J” grooves.

  • Framing System Accommodates Drywall

    Super Stud Building Products Inc. has released its drywall framing system, The Edge.

  • Curtainwall Uses Recycled Aluminum

    Therml=Block 300ES Curtainwall from Tubelite Inc. is manufactured using Eco-Luminum, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition featuring environmentally friendly finishes.

  • New Designs Introduced

    Chemetal has introduced two new steel designs: 380 Weathered Steel and 381 Aged Steel.

  • Downspouts Are Roll-Formed

    Roll-formed downspouts from MBCI are available in 26-gauge in all of the company’s standard colors.

  • Finishes Are Eco-Friendly

    Tubelite Inc. now manufactures all of its architectural, extruded aluminum products with EcoLuminum, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition with environmentally friendly finishes.

  • Boot Accommodates Pipes

    The QuadFlash pipe boot from OMG Roofing Products seals single or clustered rooftop pipe penetrations.