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    San Francisco, Tainan City, Eugene, Jyväskylä, Baltimore

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    Could a building—or a whole style—prove so reprehensible, so repulsive, that it can never gain a fair place in the hearts and minds of men?

  • Brutalist Theater in Baltimore Faces Demolition

    Despite preservationists’ efforts, the Morris A. Mechanic Theatre has failed to secure its landmark status and may be destroyed.

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    Public engagement means more than plazas and patios.

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    Former shareholder and vice president at Hord Coplan Macht (HCM) in Baltimore turned solo practitioner.

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    Multifamily developers are targeting recession-minded renters and innovative funding sources.

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    The unregistered intern architect: will a decline in registered professionals create a lost generation of architects?

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    Opening up work environments is one way to tighten performance.

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    Universal design is architecture's next great frontier.

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    When it comes to weight, America is top of the charts. It’s no surprise: we eat the wrong food (and too much of it); we move too little. Could better design help fight obesity?