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  • Lancaster Public Safety Building

    An ambitious double-cantilevered roof is the focal point of Perkins+Will's design for a combined fire and police station outside Dallas.

  • Listening to the Land: Site Design Merges with Building Design

    The fundamental principals of landscape architecture and site design are now resonating with developers, investors, and corporate users and in turn, also are influencing building design.

  • Practicing Architecture in Another State Is About More Than Licensing

    If your firm is eyeing work in a part of the country other than your own, be prepared to meet demands—including ones you might not expect.

  • Trust Me, I'm an (Unlicensed) Architect

    If you don't have an architectural license, it's illegal to call yourself an architect or perform architectural services—but people still do. How widespread is this problem, and who's policing it?

  • AIA Center for Communities By Design Focuses on Sustainable Livability

    Joel Mills, director of the Center for Communities by Design, shares his thoughts about the role community development can play in creating livable communities and a healthy planet.

  • SmithGroup, F&S Partners Merge

  • NYLO Plano at Legacy, Plano, Texas

    NYLO Plano at Legacy opened in December as the first location in what's expected to become a national chain of loft-concept hotels.

  •,, and more

    Sites, blog posts, and other web items of interest.

  • Sorry, Better Luck Next Time

    The AIA polled the American public on its 150 favorite pieces of architecture in the United States, offering a list of 248 structures to choose from. These are the ones that didn't make the cut.

  • Dallas Architects May Be Nudged From Project Management Role

    Excessive fees cited in move to third-party oversight of county projects