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  • Greening the Colorado Convention Center

    The Colorado Convention Center's sustainable consultant examines how the facility became the largest LEED-certified building of its kind in the U.S. to date.

  • Bargain-Basement Bids: Necessary Evil or Necessary for Survival?

    The second installment of our series on architectural fees finds that increased competition for even the smallest of projects is leading firms to slash rates. But have things gone too far?

  • Brave New Codes

    Promoted by New Urbanists, form-based codes are gaining in popularity around the country. What do they mean for architects?

  • New Practice/Un-Practice

    Jobs are scarce, so many young designers are choosing to strike out on their own. We profile three emerging firms, each with its own unconventional approach to architectural practice.

  • With LEED 2009, Architects and Owners Look at Siting, Energy and Water Use

    Revised rating system stays close to earlier versions, but rewards sustainable siting and requires post-occupancy performance data.

  • AIA Names 2010 Jefferson Award Winners

    Architect Curtis Fentress, GSA Public Buildings Service chief architect Les Shepherd, and urban planner Ken Greenberg are the 2010 recipients of the Jefferson Awards, which honor professionals who have advanced the cause of public architecture.

  • Lerch Bates Keeps the World Going Up ... and Down

    As long as they’re in working order (and timely enough), elevators don’t get much consideration from their users. That’s because a firm like Lerch Bates has already done the hard thinking.

  • A Stimulus for Architecture Students

    We need to do something to make sure that the talent found in the current generation of architecture school graduates doesn't go to waste.

  • Using Local Materials Is No Joke

    LEED may encourage the use of building materials sourced within a 500-mile radius, but that still results in a lot of unnecessary—and wasteful—transportation. What if architects collapsed that radius?

  • By Tooth and Nail: Prospering in a Down Economy

    For Joe Church and Joe Miller, the founders of Denver-based firm Joe Architect, designing for a specific typology hasn't just kept the firm afloat, it's led to growth.