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  • Alchemist

    Miami Beach, Fla./Rene Gonzalez Architect

  • Triple Platinum

    A vice president at RTKL talks about the process of designing three different structures to LEED Platinum certification levels.

  • Alchemist, Miami Beach, Fla.

    Rene Gonzalez Architect, Miami

  • AIA Announces 2011 Institute Honor Awards

    The AIA has named the winners of the 2011 Institute Honor Awards for architecture, interior architecture, and urban and regional design, and the Twenty-Five Year Award winner.

  • Control the Masses: Andres Duany

    New Urbanist Andres Duany is souring on what he sees as excessive community engagement in urban planning. He tells Diana Lind why neighbors sometimes have to be reined in.

  • Chimpanzees on LSD

    The recent Amendment 4 on the ballot in Florida highlights the problems faced when trying to reform the development process.

  • Shadowy Surrealism

    Two Arquitectonica-designed residential buildings along Biscayne Bay, the Babylon and the Atlantis, have suffered from the overcrowding that accompanied Miami’s housing boom.

  • Brave New Codes

    Promoted by New Urbanists, form-based codes are gaining in popularity around the country. What do they mean for architects?

  • TGP Pilkington Profilit Hurricane Daylighting Glass

    TGP's Pilkington Profilit Hurricane impact channel glass accommodates daylighting designs in hurrican regions.

  • Miami Art Museum Reveals Herzog & de Meuron Design, Loses Director Riley

    On Oct. 21, the Miami Art Museum revealed the design for its new home. Within days, there was more news about the institution: director Terence Riley was stepping down.