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  • Blog: Betonbabe

    On this Tumblr site from a Princeton University School of Architecture grad student, you'll be escorted through the coolest lost-and-found of concrete items.

  • Local Market: Trenton, N.J.

    Though industry has stalled in Trenton, its building stock is diverse.

  • Exhibit: 'Princeton and the Gothic Revival: 1870-1930'

    The history of Princeton University's contribution to the Gothic Revival style is on display at Princeton from Feb. 25 to June 24.

  • Roman Candle

    The works of William MacDonald reveal as much about contemporary architecture as they do about ancient Rome.

  • Lerner Meets Lutyens

    For the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Ralph Lerner gave Edwin Lutyens's Classicism a Postmodern spin.

  • Trenton Bath House and Day Camp Restoration

    Ewing Township, N.J./Farewell Mills Gatsch Architects


    A voter's guide to help architects understand the wide variety of approaches to a sustainable society.

  • Modernism in Classical Armor

    At Princeton's Whig Hall, Gwathmey and Siegel created a modernist landmark that is remarkably at home in a classical revival shell.

  • The Embodiment of the American Dream

    In form and function, the higher-education campus is the United States' greatest contribution to architecture and urban planning.

  • The 57th Annual P/A Awards

    Good design is no more or less than intelligent, bold conjecture. Asking the right questions, our jury discovered, can lead to solutions that are worth celebrating.