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  • Brand Architecture

    Your epidermis is showing.

  • Jackilin Hah Bloom and Florencia Pita

    Partners, Pita & Bloom, Los Angeles

  • The Return of Commercial Lending

    The market for commercial mortgage bonds was on fire until the recession hit. Now, after five long and lean years, the market is clawing its way back to pre-bubble levels, signaling that banks are loosening their lending standards. The upshot? More work for architects.

  • Carrie Strickland

    Partner & Co-Founder, Works Partnership Architecture, Portland, Ore.

  • Marianne Kwok

    Director, Kohn Pederson Fox Associates, New York

  • The Seven Top Legislative Priorities for Architecture in 2014

    Student debt. Small business tax reform. Fannie and Freddie. Given the current economy, lobbying has never been more important for architecture. Legislative liaisons from the AIA, the NAHB, and other organizations share their top issues for the coming year.

  • A Tall Order

    Why aren’t more women emulating Jeanne Gang and building skyward? Here are three rising architects who may just crack that ceiling.

  • Architecture and the Third Industrial Revolution

    Ready for the next revolution? The profession changed dramatically thanks to mechanization and mass production, and the next massive shift will be no less disruptive. In this era of small-scale, bottom-up design, say hello to 3D-printed houses, digicities, and curriculums that teach future...

  • Intrinsic Values

    Archiving your work in the Digital Age.

  • Woodbury's Arid Lands Institute Rethinks Water in the West with "Divining LA"

    The L.A. Aqueduct ushered in the era of big water infrastructure in the West. Now Hadley and Peter Arnold at Woodbury’s Arid Lands Institute are trying to map a new course.