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  • Award: Afterhouse

    A task force recommended that the city of Detroit demolish 40,000 dilapidated houses to stave off continuing blight. Archolab has a better and more cost-efficient plan.

  • A Tree-Filled Atrium to Inspire Patients

    Farrow Partnership Architects created an indoor forest before digital fabrication came of age.

  • Award: Exo Structural Tower

    Do|Su Studio Architecture founder Doris Sung aims to create smart architecture that can self-assemble.

  • The Cult of Koolhaas Lives On at the Venice Biennale

    Rem Koolhaas’s own exhibitions at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale May have missed the mark, but his influence as chief curator brought out the best in the national pavilions.

  • Award: Building Bytes

    DesignLabWorkshop founder Brian Peters brings the simple brick into the age of digital modeling and parametric scripting.

  • Award: NYC Loop

    FXFowle Architects reinvents the phone booth for the 21st century.

  • Award: One Fold

    Patkau Architects creates shelter from sheet metal in one elegant move.

  • The 2014 R+D Awards

    The jury picked nine projects, products, and processes as winners in this year's competition.

  • MAde Studio is Liquid Planning Detroit

    MAde Studio is applying its data-driven approach to Detroit, revealing ways that the region’s water systems can influence urban planning.

  • Damage Control: Saving Lives and the Buildings That Serve Them

    Designing above and beyond seismic building codes can help to save lives and recovery costs by ensuring that structures remain both upright and functional after an earthquake.