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    Joel Sanders on how his small firm connects with larger partners for big projects.

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    Stacey McMahan, the American Institute of Architects U.S. Green Building Council Architecture for Humanity Sustainable Design Fellow, on rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

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    As Robert Ivy prepares for his new role as CEO of the American Institute of Architects, he shares his ambitions for the organization.

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    In certain sectors, says DLR Group's Griff Davenport, capital-improvement projects can offer steady work, even in a recession.

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    Personal experience led the noted architect to champion universal design—in healthcare, and everywhere.

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    New Urbanist Andres Duany is souring on what he sees as excessive community engagement in urban planning. He tells Diana Lind why neighbors sometimes have to be reined in.

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    Egos, generational differences, career goals … there are many reasons team members might not see eye-to-eye.

  • The Value of Designing by Hand

    Even in the age of CAD, pencils, pens, and paintbrushes can be essential architectural tools.

  • When Partners Don't See Eye to Eye

    Disagreements—every partnership has them, even the best ones. So how should firm leaders prepare for, and deal with, the inevitable?