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  • 3form Ditto

    A system of cross-shaped Varia Ecoresin pieces can be combined to create partitions or even canopies.

  • 3form Chroma

    Translucent resin material is LEED certified and comes in more than 10,000 colors.

  • 3form KodaXT

    Part of the C3 collection, KodaXT is an impact-resistant polycarbonate.

  • 100 Percent HDPE panels from 3form

    Made from 100 percent post-consumer high-density polyethylene (HDPE), with about 1,270 gallon-size milk jugs per panel

  • 100 Percent from 3Form

    100 percent postconsumer HDPE Polymer sheet countertops

  • Structured Organics surfacing from 3Form

    Greenguard-certified resin is 40 percent post-industrial recycled content

  • Resin Panels From 3form

    The Shapes line from 3form is a toolkit of pre-designed and fully configurable resin panels featuring compound, undulating curves, peaks and valleys.

  • Full Circle Program From 3form

    3form’s Full Circle program creates products to help impoverished people earn income to improve education and living conditions in their communities. Raw materials, such as yarn and bamboo, from Africa, Asia and South America are made into patterns by local artisans. The materials then are sent to...

  • Wallwashers

  • From Raw to Refined

    The manufacturer 3form has been working since 1991 to make plastics a more environmentally sensible, not to mention attractive, material for architecture and interiors-primarily with a new invention: eco-resin.