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  • Product: Dow Solar Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles

    The energy-producing shingles are gradually being launched throughout the United States, furthering the prevalence of building integrated photovoltaics.

  • Talking Heads

    Four designers discuss the teleconferencing and communications tools that keep them in constant contact.

  • Safechem Complease Cleaning Process Solution

    Safechem North America LLC, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Co., has introduced the Complease Cleaning Process Solution for the metal fabricating and manufacturing industry.

  • Solar Shingle Harnesses Sun Power

    Dow Solar Solutions Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingle installs and performs like a standard asphalt shingle while drawing upon the sun?s power to offset a portion of a home?s energy use.

  • Dow Verdiseal Waterproofing System

    A spray-applied polyurethane that protects green roofs from water and root penetration.

  • Spray Foam Combats Cold Weather

    Thermax Wall System from Dow Building Solutions has introduced a cold-weather polyurethane spray foam that cures quickly while offering application control and consistency.

  • Wall System Provides Thermal Barrier

    Dow Building Solutions has introduced the THERMAX Wall System for use on commercial steel-stud buildings.

  • Green Roof Waterproofing System From Dow Hyperlast

    Green Roof Waterproofing System from Dow Hyperlast comprises a primer, elastomeric membrane and robust wear coat to combine performance with installation and usage flexibility.